Privacy Policy is a personal blog and I do not use your data for any commercial purposes.

However, your data is stored and available to me in the following ways:

  • when you comment on posts, your email address, website address and I.P address are stored and are viewable by me;
  • if you subscribe by email (and not through a WordPress account), your email address is stored and viewable by me;
  • I can also see some anonymous data, such as the countries my viewers are in, search terms used to find me, what links (e.g. on which social media) have been clicked to find me, and what links were clicked in my own posts. But since this is all anonymous, I won’t usually be able to tell exactly who clicked what, and where in the world they did it.

I will sometimes link to external websites, and these of course have their own privacy policies.

Since this website is hosted by WordPress, they also have access to this data. Here is their privacy policy.

I will never sell your data, or show it to any third party unless required to do so by law.

If you have any questions about privacy or any other issue, you can email me at the address on my About page.