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Neal Cassady Listens to the Talk

The drinking men talk “Truth and Life”. Shallow generalities: there’s nothing of real life in talk of “Life”. The men sit outside in the sun and drink. Or sit inside Neal’s father’s kitchen, as the young boy runs in and … Continue reading

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Beat Freedom

Gregory Corso’s Variations on a Generation, exploring what it means to be “beat.” First it’s about how to write poetry: beat writers use “spontaneity ‘bop prosody’ surreal-real images jumps beats cool measures long rapidic vowels, long long lines, and, the … Continue reading

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Imagination and Evaluation in History: Spengler and Adorno

Oswald Spengler: “Once again, therefore, there was an act like the act of Copernicus to be accomplished, an act of emancipation from the evident present in the name of infinity. This the Western soul achieved in the domain of Nature … Continue reading

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