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Stone and Space

Being “The worked stone . . . has considered limits and measured form; what it is is what it has become under the sculptor’s chisel.” The statue wants nothing, it rests upon the ground, complete and beautiful. It is what … Continue reading

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Salut Au Monde!

Walt Whitman was a writer of light and vision. He invites us to see: cloud-topped mountains, great lakes and rivers, the oceans and those who sail on the ocean, the many different countries of the earth and the people that … Continue reading

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Notes on Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”

Allen Ginsberg gives us picture after picture of the lost minds, “the best minds of my generation”, images of entire lives lived and lived out and used up, flashes of light and life like the images in Whitman, who also … Continue reading

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Decline according to Spengler

Oswald Spengler tells us that Western civilisation is in decline. This doesn’t mean the end is nigh, this doesn’t mean the end of days. We have centuries left, and when civilisation as we (in the West) know it finally comes … Continue reading

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Some notes on Spengler as I read him

I’ve been slowly reading The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler with a couple of friends. We meet online once a week to discuss the pages we’ve read. What follows is an explanation of Spengler as I understand him … Continue reading

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