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Henry Miller and Belief

“I believe in God the Father, in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, in the blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Ghost, in Adam Cadmium, in chrome nickel, the oxides and the mercurochromes, in waterfowls and watercress, in epileptoid seizures, in … Continue reading

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The Noose and the Sky

The deepest truths about a human being can be expressed only in lies. Nietzsche knew this, Henry Miller knew this. So did Sylvia Plath. Why? Because each human being is the sum of the stories she tells herself: for example … Continue reading

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New and Old Essays

I’ve added a Publications page to the blog. It’s very short now but it’s grown a bit in the last few days, and I hope it will grow a bit more soon. Last week Empty Mirror published an essay I … Continue reading

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Notes on Charles Bukowski on Writing

Charles Bukowski’s right: sometimes a poem just sounds too much like a POEM. You know it’s been worked up, affected, to make it sound like a poem should. Rather than being its own thing, an expression of something unique and … Continue reading

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