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Review: The Moon and Sixpence

I picked up The Moon and Sixpence, having heard it was “inspired by the life of Paul Gauguin,” expecting to read a novelised biography of the artist, with an appropriate level of artistic licence. What you get with this book, … Continue reading

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The Silence of Ancient Egypt

For two thousand years ancient Egypt was “dead but unburied.” It existed only as stone, as a lifeless monument to its living past. The pyramids have stood silent and blind for millennia, and to Toynbee they seemed to speak: “Before … Continue reading

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The Garden Pool

(Painting from The Tomb of Nebamun, 18th Dynasty Egypt)   “Viewed from above, as if through the eyes of the gods” To the eyes of a god the world appears flat. The trees lie flat around the flattened pool, and … Continue reading

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